CardViewCustomBindingGetSummaryValuesArgs Members

Provides arguments to implement a method delegate of the CardViewCustomBindingGetSummaryValuesHandler type.


Name Description
CardViewCustomBindingGetSummaryValuesArgs(CardViewModel, List<CardViewSummaryItemState>) Initializes a new instance of the CardViewCustomBindingGetSummaryValuesArgs class with the specified settings.


Name Description
Empty static Provides a value to use with events that do not have event data. Inherited from EventArgs.


Name Description
Data Gets or sets a list of currently requested model characteristics (depending upon which delegated method is being implemented, it can be a list of data cards, or a list of calculated summary values). Inherited from CardViewCustomBindingDataArgsBase.
FilterExpression Gets the filter condition currently applied to the CardView (if any filtering is used). Inherited from CardViewCustomBindingArgsBase.
State Gets an object containing information about the current state on the CardView. Inherited from CardViewCustomBindingArgsBase.
SummaryItems Gets a list of summary items which are used within the CardView and whose values must be calculated.


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