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Spreadsheet Unsupported Features

This topic lists popular features available in common spreadsheets (such as MS Excel) that are not currently supported in the DevExpress ASP.NET Core Spreadsheet control.

Unsupported Content Elements

  • Shapes
  • Sparklines
  • Cell content rich text formatting
  • Row/Column grouping
  • Page headers and footers

Unsupported Features

  • Zoom
  • Right-to-left support
  • Pivot tables
  • Paste Special

Partially Supported Features

  • Conditional formatting (no UI to modify conditional formatting, no icon sets)
  • Worksheet protection (no UI to protect/unprotect a worksheet, no UI to edit worksheet permissions)
  • Defined names in formulas (no UI)


Spreadsheet does not display unsupported content, however the control retains the content in the document.