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ASPxClientTreeListBatchEditApi.GetCellValue(nodeKey, columnFieldNameOrId) Method

Gets the value of the specified cell.


    nodeKey: string,
    columnFieldNameOrId: string,
    initial?: boolean
): any


Name Type Description
nodeKey string

A zero-based integer value that specifies a visible index of a node containing the processed cell.

columnFieldNameOrId string

A string value that specifies the field name or unique identifier (the column’s WebColumnBase.Name property value) of a column containing the processed cell.

initial boolean


Type Description

An object containing the specified cell’s value.


The code sample below demonstrates how to use the GetCellValue method.

var x = MyTreeListClientName.batchEditApi.GetCellValue(0, "ProductName");

To get a new cell value (after the edit) in the ASPxClientTreeList.BatchEditEndEditing event handler, wrap the GetCellValue method call inside the JavaScript setTimeout function call to ensure that a cell value is already changed:

function onBatchEndEditing(s, e) {
    window.setTimeout(function () {
    var index = e.visibleIndex;
    var col = TreeList.GetColumnByField("C2");
    var res = TreeList.batchEditApi.GetCellValue(index, "C2",false);
    }, 10);


The GetCellValue method does not return a value if the column’s TreeListColumnEditFormSettings.Visible property is set to false.

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