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ASPxClientTreeListBatchEditApi.AddNewNode(parentNodeKey) Method

Adds a new node when ASPxTreeList is in Batch Edit mode.


    parentNodeKey: string
): void


Name Type Description
parentNodeKey string

A string value representing a parent node key.


In this mode, the ASPxTreeList control allows you to add a new node on the client side and send all changes to the server in one request.

When inserting a child node of a parent node that already exists in a data source, it uses the parent node’s key field name. The newly inserted child node hasn’t a key field until it is saved by clicking the Update button in Batch Edit Mode. Use the ASPxTreeList.SetBatchEditInsertedNodeKeyValue method to set the key value for a newly inserted node that is to be a parent for child nodes.


Batch Edit Mode

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ASPxTreeList - Batch Editing

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