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ASPxClientTreeList.SortBy(columnIndex) Method

Sorts data by the specified data column's values.


SortBy(columnIndex: number | string | ASPxClientTreeListColumn, sortOrder?: string, reset?: boolean): void


Name Type Description
columnIndex number | string | ASPxClientTreeListColumn

Optional Parameters

Name Type Default Description
sortOrder string null

A string value that specifies the column's sort order ('ASC', 'DESC' or 'NONE').

reset boolean null

true to clear any previous sorting; otherwise, false.


The ASPxTreeList allows data sorting by multiple columns. Any previous sorting is cleared if the reset parameter is set to true. The newly sorted column is appended to the collection of sorted columns. Its position within the collection can then be changed using the TreeListDataColumn.SortIndex property.

Sorting is allowed if the TreeListSettingsBehavior.AllowSort property is set to true. To learn more, see Sorting.

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