ASPxClientHitObject.AdditionalObject Property

Provides access to an object, which is in some way related to the object being hit. The returned value depends on the ASPxClientHitObject.Object type and hit point location.


AdditionalObject: ASPxClientWebChartElement

Property Value

Type Description

An ASPxClientWebChartElement object that represents an additional object related to the one being hit.


At present, the main objective of the AdditionalObject property is to provide access to a Series Data Point or an Axis Title being clicked.

The AdditionalObject property returns a SeriesPoint or an AxisTitle object when the hit point falls within a region that represents the corresponding object on a diagram. In this case, the HotTrackEventArgs.Object property provides access to the corresponding Series or Axis object. When a user clicks another object pertaining to a chart series (labels, lines drawn between series points etc.) or to an axis (axis labels), or in situations different from those described above, the AdditionalObject returns null (Nothing in Visual Basic).

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