VerticalGridSettings.CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection Property

Defines the callback routing logic by specifying the names of Controllers and Actions that handle callbacks related to VerticalGrid data operations such as paging, sorting, grouping and filtering.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v19.2.dll


public Dictionary<VerticalGridOperationType, object> CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection As Dictionary(Of VerticalGridOperationType, Object)

Property Value

Type Description
Dictionary<VerticalGridOperationType, Object>

An object containing the data operation type (identified by VerticalGridOperationType) and the names of Controllers and Actions.


The CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection property allows you to assign particular handling Actions for three data operations - Paging, Sorting and Filtering. These data operations are specifically exposed to be handled in a custom manner to implement custom data binding of the VerticalGrid. These operations are identified by values of the VerticalGridOperationType enumeration.

Refer to Action Types and Passed Parameters to learn more.

A code sample detailing how to use the CustomBindingRouteValuesCollection property is provided below.

Partial View Code:

    settings => {
            new { Controller = "MyController", Action = "MyPagingAction" }
            new { Controller = "MyController", Action = "MySortingAction" }
            new { Controller = "MyController", Action = "MyFilteringAction" }
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