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MVCxHtmlEditorImageSelectorUploadSettings Properties

Contains settings that relate to the built-in Image Selector's file upload functionality.

Name Description

Gets the Advanced upload mode settings.

(Inherited from FileManagerSettingsUpload)

Obsolete. Gets or sets a value that specifies whether uploading is available for a specified folder only.

(Inherited from FileManagerSettingsUpload)

Obsolete. Specifies a path to a folder, where end-users can upload files.

(Inherited from FileManagerSettingsUpload)

Specifies whether file uploading starts automatically when a file is added to the upload panel.

(Inherited from FileManagerSettingsUpload)

Gets or sets the ID of a web control or HTML element (or a list of IDs), a click on which invokes file upload dialog.

(Inherited from FileManagerSettingsUpload)

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the upload is enabled for the built-in dialogs.


Gets or sets the prompt text displayed within the upload panel's text box when no file is selected.

(Inherited from FileManagerSettingsUpload)

Specifies whether the upload panel is displayed in the built-in dialogs.


Gets or sets a value specifying whether the advanced upload mode is used in upload panel.

(Inherited from FileManagerSettingsUpload)

Provides access to the validation settings of an upload control within the Image Selector.

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