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GridViewModel.ProcessCustomBinding(GridViewCustomBindingGetDataRowCountHandler, GridViewCustomBindingGetDataHandler, GridViewCustomBindingGetGroupingInfoHandler) Method

Delegates the implementation of grid view model population in the custom data binding mode to Model-layer functions specified via the method's parameters.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v18.2.dll


public void ProcessCustomBinding(
    GridViewCustomBindingGetDataRowCountHandler getDataRowCountMethod,
    GridViewCustomBindingGetDataHandler getDataMethod,
    GridViewCustomBindingGetGroupingInfoHandler getGroupingInfoMethod
Public Sub ProcessCustomBinding(
    getDataRowCountMethod As GridViewCustomBindingGetDataRowCountHandler,
    getDataMethod As GridViewCustomBindingGetDataHandler,
    getGroupingInfoMethod As GridViewCustomBindingGetGroupingInfoHandler


Name Type Description
getDataRowCountMethod GridViewCustomBindingGetDataRowCountHandler

A GridViewCustomBindingGetDataRowCountHandler delegate method allowing you to implement custom processing to return the total number of data rows. Implementation is required.

getDataMethod GridViewCustomBindingGetDataHandler

A GridViewCustomBindingGetDataHandler delegate method allowing you to implement custom processing to return the data rows requested by the grid. Implementation is required.

getGroupingInfoMethod GridViewCustomBindingGetGroupingInfoHandler

A GridViewCustomBindingGetGroupingInfoHandler delegate method allowing you to return grouping information for group rows (the group value - key, and the number of data rows within the group - count). Implementation is optional. It is required if you use grouping within the grid.


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