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MVCxRibbonContextTabCategoryCollection Class

A collection of context tab categories in the Ribbon extension.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v18.2.dll


public class MVCxRibbonContextTabCategoryCollection :
Public Class MVCxRibbonContextTabCategoryCollection
    Inherits RibbonContextTabCategoryCollection

Related API Members

The following members accept/return MVCxRibbonContextTabCategoryCollection objects:


The Ribbon extension holds its context tab categories in a collection represented by an instance of the MVCxRibbonContextTabCategoryCollection class and can be accessed by the RibbonSettings.ContextTabCategories property. The properties and methods exposed by the MVCxRibbonContextTabCategoryCollection class can be used to perform common collection operations such as adding new or deleting existing categories. Each item of the collection is represented by a MVCxRibbonContextTabCategory object. Individual categories can be accessed using indexer notation.


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