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GridSettingsBase.FilterControlOperationVisibility Property

Enables you to dynamically hide operation items (such as the Equals, Contains, etc.) of the FilterControl's operation dropdown menu.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Mvc

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Mvc5.v18.2.dll


public FilterControlOperationVisibilityEventHandler FilterControlOperationVisibility { get; set; }
Public Property FilterControlOperationVisibility As FilterControlOperationVisibilityEventHandler

Property Value

Type Description

A FilterControlOperationVisibilityEventHandler delegate method allowing you to implement custom processing.


The FilterControlOperationVisibility event is raised for each comparison operator, and allows you to dynamically control its visibility.

The event parameter's FilterControlOperationVisibilityEventArgs.PropertyInfo and the FilterControlOperationVisibilityEventArgs.Operation properties identify the filterable property (the column being filtered) and its operations. To specify the operator's visibility, use the FilterControlOperationVisibilityEventArgs.Visible property.

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