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NuGet Packages

In Visual Studio, you can use DevExpress NuGet packages to add DevExpress libraries to your application. DevExpress publishes these packages on a private NuGet web server, to help add and update DevExpress references in your projects.

Refer to the following section for a guide on how to set up your Visual Studio instance for DevExpress NuGet packages: Install DevExpress Controls Using NuGet Packages.

Note the following requirements to use DevExpress NuGet packages:

  • The DevExpress NuGet feed is only available to licensed DevExpress customers.
  • You will need to create a new package source for the DevExpress NuGet feed, as detailed in the Managing packages for the solution section.


    Set the feed’s source URL in the following format: "{your feed authorization key}/api"

    The key is available in the Download Manager page of your DevExpress account.

  • Design-time assemblies are not included.
  • DevExpress controls referenced with NuGet packages are not available from the Toolbox.