Open Theme Dialog

The Open Theme dialog allows you to open a custom theme to modify it.

To invoke this dialog, do one of the following.

  • Click Open Theme in Start Dialog.
  • Click Open… on the File menu.
  • Click the Open Theme button (ASPxThemeBuilder-OpenButton) on the toolbar.
  • Press CTRL + O keyboard shortcut.


The dialog box contains the following elements.

  • The Location box allows you to select or type the folder where the theme is placed.
  • The Theme combo box lists themes contained within the specified location. Select the theme you desire to open.

We recommend that you use ASPxThemeBuilder to open only custom themes, but not any shipped DevExpress themes. If you want to slightly modify one of predefined DevExpress themes, do not open it directly. Instead, create a new custom theme basing it on the desired DevExpress one, and then make the required changes within this custom theme.