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Main Features

The DevExpress ASPxThemeBuilder allows you to:

  • Create new or modify previously generated Themes;
  • Select individual controls and their elements using the Control Navigator (left most pane);
  • Activate/Disable selection mode above the Preview pane. If active, you can select control elements within the preview, much like FireBug;
  • View the CSS rules used for rendering the selected control element. You can edit them as text or use the controls below the Preview pane;
  • Edit the skin files for the selected control by using the Skin pane;
  • Modify images (for CSS and skins) using an external editor, which can be specified via the Theme Builder’s Options page;
  • Save modified Themes in the selected folder;
  • Change Theme properties (name, control set) using the Theme Properties form;
  • Build a custom Theme assembly and use it in your web project.