BuilderFactoryExtensions.BootstrapScheduler<TAppointment>(BuilderFactory, String) Method

Creates a strongly-typed Scheduler control with a specified name.

Namespace: DevExpress.AspNetCore

Assembly: DevExpress.AspNetCore.Bootstrap.v18.2.dll


public static BootstrapSchedulerBuilder<TAppointment> BootstrapScheduler<TAppointment>(
    this BuilderFactory builderFactory,
    string name
Public Shared Function BootstrapScheduler(Of TAppointment)(
    builderFactory As BuilderFactory,
    name As String
) As BootstrapSchedulerBuilder(Of TAppointment)


Type Name Description
BuilderFactory builderFactory

A BuilderFactory object providing access to Scheduler settings.

String name

A control name.


Type Description

A builder for a Scheduler control.

Type Parameters

Name Description

An appointment type.

The code sample below demonstrates how you can use this method to create a Scheduler control.

``` cshtml @model IEnumerable

@(Html.DevExpress() .BootstrapScheduler("schedulerDataBinding") .Start(new DateTime(2018, 05, 21)) .Storage(storage => storage .Appointments(appointments => appointments .Mappings(map => map .AppointmentId(a => a.Id) .Subject(a => a.Text) .Start(a => a.StartDate) .End(a => a.EndDate)) ))) .Routes(routes => routes .MapRoute(r => r .Action("DataBinding") .Controller("Scheduler"))) .BindAppointments(Model))

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