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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

IFileData.SaveToStream(Stream) Method

Saves the file stored within the current IFileData object to the specified stream.

Namespace: DevExpress.Persistent.Base

Assembly: DevExpress.Persistent.Base.v20.2.dll


void SaveToStream(
    Stream stream


Name Type Description
stream Stream

A Stream object to be used to save the file.


The example below demonstrates how to use the SaveToStream method to get a Contact’s file, and then upload it into a portfolio.

using System.IO;
using DevExpress.ExpressApp;
using DevExpress.ExpressApp.Actions;
using DevExpress.Persistent.Base;
using DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl;
using MainDemo.Module.BusinessObjects;
// ...
public class UpdatePortfolioController : ObjectViewController<DetailView, Resume> {
    public UpdatePortfolioController() {
        SimpleAction updatePortfolioAction = new SimpleAction(this, "UpdatePortfolio", PredefinedCategory.Edit);
        updatePortfolioAction.SelectionDependencyType = SelectionDependencyType.RequireSingleObject;
        updatePortfolioAction.Execute += updatePortfolioAction_Execute;
    private void updatePortfolioAction_Execute(object sender, SimpleActionExecuteEventArgs e) {
        FileData currentFile = ViewCurrentObject.File;
        if(currentFile != null && !currentFile.IsEmpty) {
            FileData fileCopy = ObjectSpace.CreateObject<FileData>();
            using(var stream = new MemoryStream()) {
                stream.Position = 0;
                fileCopy.LoadFromStream(currentFile.FileName, stream);
            PortfolioFileData portfolio = ObjectSpace.CreateObject<PortfolioFileData>();
            portfolio.File = fileCopy;

Here, FileData is a built-in class that implements the IFileData interface.

The following code snippet (auto-collected from DevExpress Examples) contains a reference to the SaveToStream(Stream) method.


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