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Performance Optimization

  • 2 minutes to read

Follow the instructions in the following topics to identify and resolve performance issues. Please review the topics below before you contact us for assistance. Our Support Team will always ask you to troubleshoot your app as outlined in these topics as the first step.


DevExpress Support Team cannot profile full-scale projects or databases. If you or your team need assistance with such tasks, contact consultant companies that have expertise in XAF app development and performance profiling.

DevExpress API Performance

If your profiling results indicate a possible performance issue in DevExpress API, please contact our Support Team and include the following diagnostic information:

  • All the diagnostic information from SQL queries and application code articles.
  • Assets that will help our Support Team reproduce the issue locally in a typical development environment with only Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio installed. Please include a small debuggable sample project, database backups or demo data generation code, and any other supporting information.
  • A list of solutions you tried from the Data Request and ORM Performance and Application Performance - Troubleshooting articles and their results.

Performance in Additional Modules

Refer to the following topics to resolve performance issues in additional modules:


In this video, we talk about the best ways to access and manipulate data in XAF and how to build highly performant apps.