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Data Sources for Reports V2

The Reports V2 module supports XtraReports that utilize CollectionDataSource and ViewDataSource data sources only. These two components are available in the DX.23.1: XAF Data Sources for Reports (.NET Framework)/DX: Report Controls (.NET 6+, .NET Standard) group in the Visual Studio Toolbox.


These data sources require IObjectSpace to dynamically bind data. If you want to print a report in code, you should use the ReportDataSourceHelper.SetupBeforePrint method to register a service that provides an Object Space and perform other necessary initializations.

Data Source Comparison

Data Source Type Data Access Method Usage Scenario
CollectionDataSource IObjectSpace.CreateCollection Use CollectionDataSource when you do not need to display a large amount of data, because this component loads objects in their entirety, including fields that are not displayed in the report.
ViewDataSource IObjectSpace.CreateDataView Use ViewDataSource instead of CollectionDataSource if you experience performance issues. The ViewDataSource data source loads only those fields that are listed in ViewDataSource.Properties. Field values can be obtained from specific business class properties directly, or be evaluated by the database server using complex expressions.