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External Learning Resources

  • 2 minutes to read

To learn more about XAF, you can refer to the external resources listed in this topic, in addition to browsing the XAF documentation.

  • XAF

    The XAF home page. Here, you can find a lot of information on the framework.

  • XAF Demos

    Online and offline demo applications we ship for the XAF.

  • DevExpress Support Center

    Use our Support Center to ask a question or to check if our support team has answered a similar question in the past.

  • XAF Development Blog

    Share feedback to help shape our future development or read the latest documentation updates and development news.

  • XAF Community, Social Networks, Consulting and Training Classes

    Get in touch with XAF team and developers who use XAF on a day-to-day basis or get XAF-trained by third-parties.

  • Roadmap

    This blog post outlines the features/capabilities we expect to introduce in the XAF this year. We will keep this roadmap post up-to-date as we release new functionality or clarify our future plans throughout this year.