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DevExpress.XtraReports.Data Namespace

Contains classes required to provide data to a Silverlight Report Wizard.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v20.2.dll


Name Description
ColumnsByTableDictionary A dictionary for DataSchemaProvider.
DataProvider Provides the functionality to obtain data from an XML schema of a database.
DataSchema A container to separately store the XML schema of tables and views, to avoid any possible confusion caused by mixing them.
DataSchemaProvider Provides the functionality to obtain an XML schema from a database.
DbConnectionDataProvider The base class for classes that assist in accessing a Silverlight Report Wizard’s data sources using a connection string.
DbSchemaHelper A helper class that obtains the information about a data source from the database.
FilteringOperatorsByTableDictionary A dictionary of data table filters for DataProvider.
ObjectDataProvider A Report Wizard‘s data provider that works with object model data sources (e.g., Entity Framework or XPO).
SelectQueryBuilder static Builds a SQL query string to obtain data from a data source.


Name Description
IDataProvider Implements methods that allow working with a data source that is used by a Silverlight Report Wizard.
IDbSchemaHelper If implemented by a class, provides methods to obtain the information about a data source from the database.