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Change the Dock Panel View

You can enable the Light dock panel style for ribbon-based and standard Print Preview forms using the DockingViewStyle property.

  • When you add the Document Viewer control to the form, select this control and set the DockingViewStyle property to Light in the Property Grid.

  • When you invoke the Print Preview from code (for instance, using the ReportPrintTool class), specify the DockingViewStyle property as shown below:

    using DevExpress.XtraReports.UI;
    using DevExpress.XtraBars.Docking2010.Views;
    // ...
    ReportPrintTool printTool = new ReportPrintTool(new XtraReport1());
    printTool.PreviewRibbonForm.PrintControl.DockingViewStyle = DockingViewStyle.Light;

The Light view provides one-pixel borders for all dock panels as shown on the following image:

When the DockingViewStyle is set to Default or Classic, the Print Preview looks as follows: