XlsExportOptionsBase Members

The base class for objects which define export options specific to XLS and XLSX formats.


Name Description
ExportHyperlinksProperty static Identifies the XlsExportOptionsBase.ExportHyperlinks bindable property.
RawDataModeProperty static Identifies the XlsExportOptionsBase.RawDataMode bindable property.
SheetNameProperty static Identifies the XlsExportOptionsBase.SheetName bindable property.
ShowGridLinesProperty static Identifies the XlsExportOptionsBase.ShowGridLines bindable property.


Name Description
ExportHyperlinks Gets or sets a value indicating whether hyperlinks should be exported to XLS or XLSX.
RawDataMode Specifies whether a grid's actual data should be exported to XLS or XLSX (excluding all non-relevant elements, such as images, graphics, font and appearance settings).
SheetName Gets or sets the name of the sheet in the created XLS or XLSX file to which a document is exported.
ShowGridLines Gets or sets a value indicating whether grid lines should be visible in the resulting XLS or XLSX file.


Name Description
Assign(ExportOptionsBase) Copies all settings from the options object passed as a parameter.
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