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VistaDB Data Types Mapping

XPO creates these column types when updating the VistaDB database schema and expects them in existing databases.

.NET Type Database Column Type
Boolean Bit
Byte Int
SByte SmallInt
Char NChar
Decimal Decimal
Double Float
Single Float
Int16 SmallInt
UInt16 Int
Int32 Int
UInt32 BigInt
Int64 BigInt
UInt64 BigInt
Guid UniqueIdentifier
String NVarChar
DateTime DateTime
TimeSpan Float
Byte[] VarBinary
Unlimited size string NText

Mapping Properties To Database Column Types Not Supported By Default

If a column type is not listed in the above table but can be converted to any of the listed type by the database, it can be read and modified by XPO. To create a column of a specific type in the database when updating the schema, decorate the property with DbTypeAttribute. If a column type cannot be converted to a supported type, it is possible to support such columns by creating a custom connection provider. Here are some examples:

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