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ResourceDataStorage Properties

A storage that holds appointment resources.
Name Description
AutoReload Gets or sets whether resources are automatically fetched from the data source when it is modified.
ColorSaving Gets or sets a type of format to store the color information.
Count Returns the number of resources stored in this ResourceDataStorage.
CustomFieldMappings Provides access to the collection of objects, representing mappings of the resources' custom properties to appropriate data fields.
DataMember Gets or sets the data source member which supplies data to the storage.
DataSource Gets or sets the object used as the data source to store resources.
Filter Gets or set an expression used as a criteria to filter resources in the storage.
FilterCriteria Gets or sets the criteria to filter resources in the storage.
IsDisposed Gets a value indicating whether a storage has been disposed of.
Item[Int32] Provides indexed access to the individual items in the collection which can be accessed via the storage's ResourceDataStorage.Items property.
Items Gets the collection of resources within the storage.
Mappings Gets an object that allows the persistent properties of the resources maintained by the current storage to be bound to appropriate fields in the data source.
Storage Returns the storage that owns this ResourceDataStorage.
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