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CustomFilterDialogEventArgs Members

Provides data for the ColumnView.CustomFilterDialog event.


Name Description
CustomFilterDialogEventArgs(GridColumn, ColumnFilterInfo) Creates a new instance of the CustomFilterDialogEventArgs class.


Name Description
Empty static Provides a value to use with events that do not have event data. Inherited from EventArgs.


Name Description
Column Gets the column to be filtered using custom filter criteria.
FilterInfo Gets or sets an object specifying custom filter criteria.
Handled Gets or sets a value specifying whether the custom filter dialog should be invoked.
ResetEditorEventHandlers Gets or sets whether event handlers of the dialog's editors are reset (i.e., not copied from a column's in-place editor).
UseAsteriskAsWildcard Gets or sets whether the asterisk ('*') character can be used as a wildcard character.


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