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ToolTipControllerShowEventArgs Properties

Provides data for the ToolTipController.BeforeShow event.
Name Description
AllowHtmlText Gets or sets whether HTML formatting tags can be used to format the tooltip's text.
Appearance Gets the tooltip's appearance settings. This property is not in effect for SuperToolTip objects.
AppearanceTitle Gets the appearance settings used to paint the tooltip's title. This property is not in effect for SuperToolTip objects.
AutoHide Gets or sets whether the tooltip is hidden after a specific time ellapses.
FlyoutControl Gets a control that should be shown within a flyout tooltip.
IconSize Gets the size of the predefined icon to display in the tooltip.
IconType Gets or sets the kind of predefined icons to display in the tooltip.
ImageIndex Gets or sets the index of an image from the ToolTipControllerShowEventArgs.ImageList to display in the tooltip.
ImageList Gets or sets the source of images that can be displayed within tooltips.
ObjectBounds Gets or sets the bounds of the current object for which a tooltip is displayed.
RightToLeft Gets or sets whether a tooltip's visual elements are aligned to support locales using right-to-left fonts.
Rounded Gets or sets whether the tooltip window has rounded corners.
RoundRadius Gets or sets the radius of the rounded corners of the tooltip window.
SelectedControl Gets or sets the control for which a tooltip controller's event is fired. Inherited from ToolTipControllerEventArgsBase.
SelectedObject Gets or sets the element of the control for which the tooltip should be displayed. Inherited from ToolTipControllerEventArgsBase.
Show Gets or sets whether the tooltip should be displayed.
ShowBeak Tests whether callout beaks are displayed for hints.
SuperTip Gets or sets a SuperToolTip.
Title Gets or sets the regular tooltip's title.
ToolTip Gets or sets the text for the regular tooltip.
ToolTipAnchor Gets or sets whether the tooltip is anchored relative to the mouse pointer or relative to the editor.
ToolTipImage Gets or sets the image to display within the current tooltip.
ToolTipIndent Gets or sets the space, in pixels, between the tooltip and the associated visual element.
ToolTipLocation Gets or sets the location of the tooltip window relative to the position where the tooltip should appear.
ToolTipStyle Gets or sets the look-and-feel settings of the regular tooltip displayed.
ToolTipType Gets or sets the type of tooltip to be displayed.
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