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KeyShortcut(Keys) Constructor

Creates an instance of the KeyShortcut class with the specified shortcut.

Namespace: DevExpress.Utils

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v19.2.dll


public KeyShortcut(
    Keys key


Name Type Description
key Keys

The key combination to initialize the KeyShortcut.Key property. Values of the Keys type can be combined using the OR operator.


The constructor allows you to create a KeyShortcut object and sets its shortcut to the specified key combination. The Keys type enumerates key codes and modifiers (SHIFT, CONTROL and ALT keys).

You can use another overload to create a KeyShortcut object based on the Shortcut key combination.


The following example assigns the Ctrl+Enter shortcut to the RepositoryItemPopupBase.CloseUpKey property. This allows the end-user to press this key combination in order to open and close the dropdown window while accepting the selected value.

popupContainerEdit1.Properties.CloseUpKey = new KeyShortcut(Keys.Control | Keys.Enter);
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