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DocumentViewerBase.PageBorderVisibility Property

Specifies whether or not borders should be painted around all and selected document pages in the DocumentViewer.

Namespace: DevExpress.DocumentView.Controls

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v18.2.dll


public PageBorderVisibility PageBorderVisibility { get; set; }
Public Property PageBorderVisibility As PageBorderVisibility

Property Value

Type Description

A PageBorderVisibility enumeration value, that specifies the visibility of page borders.


The PageBorderVisibility property is intended to control the visibility of page borders in a DocumentViewer.

By default, this property is set to PageBorderVisibility.All, which means that all pages are painted with borders, and the currently selected page additionally has the "selection" border. Although the appearance of these borders is defined by the current skin, you can customize it via the DocumentViewerBase.PageBorderColor, DocumentViewerBase.PageBorderWidth, DocumentViewerBase.SelectedPageBorderColor and DocumentViewerBase.SelectedPageBorderWidth properties.

If you do not want the selection to be painted around the currently selected page, set the PageBorderVisibility property to PageBorderVisibility.AllWithoutSelection.

If you do not want page borders to be painted at all (e.g., if the Document Viewer's DocumentViewerBase.BackColor is white), set the PageBorderVisibility property to PageBorderVisibility.None.

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