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An appointment is an activity scheduled for a specific time interval. Appointments in the SchedulerControl are represented by the AppointmentItem class. The scheduler displays an appointment as a color rectangle with text and graphics elements. The area below date headers contains all-day appointments, as illustrated in the picture below.

End users can double-click an appointment or the calendar’s empty space to invoke the Edit appointment form that displays appointment details.

Recurring Appointments

Appointments can be either simple (occurring only once in the specified time interval), or recurring.

Different types of appointments can be recurring. Use the AppointmentItem.Type property to determine an appointment’s type. The base appointment for a series has the Pattern type. Recurring instances are called Occurrences.

Occurrences are generated at runtime. The SchedulerControl.GetAppointmentsAsync method only returns the base Pattern appointment.

Occurrence appointments that belong to a series but have been edited or deleted are exceptions. Exceptions no longer meet the common recurrence rule that the Pattern appointment specifies. Use the AppointmentItem.Exceptions property to access a collection of exceptions for a particular recurrence Pattern.

There are two types of exceptions: ChangedOccurrence and DeletedOccurrence. The icon visually indicates a regular recurring appointment; the icon indicates a ChangedOccurrence.

Every recurring appointment’s series is based on the pattern appointment. This pattern appointment is available using the AppointmentItem.Pattern property of all other appointments in the series. The Pattern appointment contains information about a recurrence. It sets the recurrence series’ start date and time and specifies the recurrence rule. The recurrence rule is accessed via the pattern’s AppointmentItem.RecurrenceRule property.

End-users can edit an appointment’s recurrence pattern at runtime using the Edit appointment form. The Repeat button at the top right enables the recurrence options.