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Data Scrolling Overview

The grid control provides multiple options for optimized record scrolling – each designed for specific use cases.

  • UI Virtualization

    This feature addresses issues involving data sets with many rows. The Grid Control processes data on an as-needed basis. It creates only those data items that are actually visible on the screen. Once generated, these items are then reused when the user scrolls the grid vertically. The content outside the grid area is not processed, except for buffer areas for which size is specified by the DataControlBase.VirtualizingCacheHeight property. Buffer areas make the loading process visually undetectable. As a result, less memory is used, and less time is required for the grid’s initial load.

  • Freeze Scrollbar Position on Data Sorting

    By default, changing the order of rows automatically scrolls the grid to make the focused row visible onscreen. The DataControlBase.AutoScrollOnSorting option allows you to deactivate automatic scrolling to the focused row when sorting data. In this instance, a scroll bar’s position does not change when rows are reordered.