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DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.RangeControlClient Namespace

Contains classes which are used to implement the main functionality of Chart Range Control Clients.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Charts.v18.2.dll


Name Description
AutoGridBehavior The automatic grid behavior.
AutoSnapBehavior The automatic snap behavior.
ChartBoundRangeControlClient The Chart Range Control Client that obtains data to visualize from the bound Chart Control.
ChartGridBehavior The behavior in which the Chart bound Range Control Client gets its parameters from the bound chart.
ChartRangeControlClient Represents the base class for all chart clients of the range control.
ChartRangeControlClientBase The base class for all range control clients that display a chart.
DateTimeChartRangeControlClient Shows a date-time data within a range control's viewport.
GridAndSnapBehaviorBase The base class for all scale options' behaviors
GridBehaviorBase The base class for all scale options' grid behaviors.
ManualGridBehavior The behavior which forms the Client's grid using manually specified offset, spacing and, for the date-time scale, alignment.
ManualSnapBehavior The snap behavior whose offset, spacing and alignment parameters should be specified manually.
NumericChartRangeControlClient Shows a numeric data within the range control's viewport.
RangeControlClientAreaView Changes the chart client view to Area view.
RangeControlClientBarView Changes the chart client view to Bar view.
RangeControlClientLineView Changes the chart client view to Line view.
RangeControlClientView Represents the base class for all chart client views of the range control.
RangeControlOptions The storage of settings that specify series appearance in the Range Control.
ScaleOptions The Chart bound Range Control scale options storage.
SnapBehaviorBase The base class for all scale options' snap behaviors.


Name Description
DateTimeGridAlignment Lists the values that specify the date-time measurement unit to which the beginning of a diagram's gridlines and labels should be aligned.