Tabbed Groups


A Tabbed Group (a TabbedGroup object) represents layout panels as a tab container:


Child Items

A tabbed group’s items can only be represented by LayoutPanel objects. LayoutGroup, TabbedGroup and other groups cannot be added as items to a TabbedGroup.

In XAML, you can add panels to a tabbed group by defining LayoutPanel elements between the start and end TabbedGroup tags. In code, you can add items to a TabbedGroup via its Items property.

To select a specific tab to make it visible to an end-user, use the LayoutGroup.SelectedTabIndex property.

Dock Operations

To combine panels into a Tabbed Group in code, use the DockController.Dock method of the DockLayoutManager.DockController object. The method’s DockType parameter must be set to DockType.Fill to create a Tabbed Group.

Dock operations on panels are prohibited if the BaseLayoutItem.AllowDock option is disabled.

The DockLayoutManager.DockItemStartDocking, DockLayoutManager.DockItemDocking and DockLayoutManager.DockItemEndDocking events allow dock operations to be dynamically controlled.


How to create a TabbedGroup and DocumentGroup groups

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