Console Application

You can run the Project Converter as a dialog window or as a console application from the command line from the installation directory ("C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress 20.1\Components\Tools\Components" by default). Use the following syntax to run the Project Converter from the command line:

ProjectConverter-console.exe [projectPath] [options]

The projectPath parameter specifies the target path, and options specifies one or more options from the table below.




Specifies the path to the file that contains a list of folders to upgrade. The file should be a plain text file with one folder path per line.


Specifies the custom public key token.



Specifies whether to remove or update hint paths.

If none of these options are specified, the default behavior removes hint paths.


Do not process subdirectories.


Skip read-only files.


Do not create backup files.




Disable skipped file notifications.

Disable warning notifications.

Disable error notifications.

The Project Converter console application returns one of the following values that determine the conversion result:

0 - no issues

1 - there were warnings

-1 - there were errors

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