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DashboardBackendOptions.RequestHttpHeaders Property

Gets or sets HTTP-headers that are sent to the server.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardWeb

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v19.1.Web.WebForms.dll


public Dictionary<string, string> RequestHttpHeaders { get; protected set; }
Public Property RequestHttpHeaders As Dictionary(Of String, String)

Property Value

Type Description
Dictionary<String, String>

An object that is a collection of headers and values.



The client-side dashboard control uses the HTTP Post method to export the entire dashboard or a dashboard item. This approach doesn't allow to send HTTP headers from the client to the server side. In this case, the dashboard control adds the <input type="hidden"> element to the form for each HTTP header from the RequestHttpHeaders collection. The hidden input element has the same ID as the HTTP header's name. The header value is sent to the server side as a value of the corresponding field. You can use the HttpRequest.Form collection to access the hidden fields' values on the server side.

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