RouteBuilderExtension.MapDashboardRoute(IRouteBuilder, String, String, String[]) Method

Maps the specified URL route and sets a prefix, controller name and namespaces.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardAspNetCore

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v18.2.AspNetCore.dll


public static void MapDashboardRoute(
    this IRouteBuilder routeBuilder,
    string routePrefix,
    string controllerName,
    string[] namespaces
Public Shared Sub MapDashboardRoute(
    routeBuilder As IRouteBuilder,
    routePrefix As String,
    controllerName As String,
    namespaces As String()


Type Name Description
IRouteBuilder routeBuilder

The IRouteBuilder collection to add the route to.

String routePrefix

A String value that specifies the route prefix.

String controllerName

A String value that specifies the controller name.

String[] namespaces

A set of namespaces for the application.


A route prefix is used to handle requests from the client-side DashboardControl. Use the following properties on the client:

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