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Visual Studio Dashboard Designer (.NET)

You can create and edit dashboards for your .NET 5/.NET 6 WinForms and WPF Viewer applications in the Dashboard Designer integrated in Visual Studio at design time. The following image illustrates the Dashboard Designer in Visual Studio that contains a dashboard:

Design-Time .NET Dashboard Designer

Prerequisites for .NET Projects

Create and Edit Dashboards in the Dashboard Designer at Design Time

The functionality of the Dashboard Designer is similar at design time and runtime, except that the design time Designer does not support runtime customization. Refer to the following articles for instructions on how to work with the Dashboard Designer’s UI:


  • The design-time Dashboard Designer does not support runtime customization.
  • Dashboards with custom items cannot be opened in the dashboard Designer at design time.

Dashboard Designer Errors

The following topic lists the errors and warnings that may appear in the Dashboard Designer: Visual Studio Dashboard Designer Errors.