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ASP.NET Web Forms Dashboard Control

  • 2 min to read

Topics in this section describe how to configure the ASPxDashboard control and integrate it to the Web Forms application.


Guides you through the server-side specifics of the ASP.NET Web Forms Dashboard.

Guides you through the client-side specifics of the ASP.NET Web Forms Dashboard.

Basic Configuration

Shows how to add the control into an existing ASP.NET Web Forms application.

Describes how to create a dashboard storage to keep the created dashboards.

Describes how to provide a Web Dashboard with a set of default data sources, which are available for end-users.

Shows how to provide a Web Dashboard with a set of predefined data connections.

Describes how to specify the Web Dashboard's mode.

Shows how to specify a dashboard as a default.


Describes how to change the color scheme used to paint a Web Dashboard.

Shows how to configure the control's export settings.

Shows how to save the result of actions a user performs on the client.

Describes the dashboard's server-side data caching functionality, corresponding API, and how to update the cached data.

Displays how to use the Master Filtering and Drill-Down features.

Shows how to change the dashboard parameter values.

Shows how to manage the coloring of dashboard item elements in the Designer mode.

Advanced Settings

Shows how to get access to the DevExtreme widgets.

Shows how to obtain underlying data from the dashboard data source and client data displayed within the dashboard item.