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Criteria Operators

The table below lists all the operators provided by DevExpress Data Library.

Operator (class) Description
AggregateOperand An aggregate operator which calculates aggregate expressions (MIN, MAX, SUM, etc.)
BetweenOperator An operator which determines whether a criteria expression lies between the specified range of values.
BinaryOperator A logical expression which consists of a BinaryOperatorType operation between two operands.
ContainsOperator An operator which checks if a collection contains at least one object matching a specific criteria.
FunctionOperator A function operator based on a FunctionOperatorType.
GroupOperator A logical expression which groups two or more operands with a logical AND or OR.
InOperator An operator which determines if a value matches any value in a specified list.
JoinOperand An operator that joins persistent objects on a specified condition, and calculates aggregate functions against matching objects.
UnaryOperator An unary operator which performs an operation on only one expression.
OperandProperty An object property operand in criteria expressions.
OperandValue A value operand in criteria expressions.
ConstantValue A constant value operand in criteria expressions.
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