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Site Navigation

The DevExpress Bootstrap Controls suite ships with a set of navigation tools that will help you build easy-to-navigate websites and web applications.


The Accordion control allows you to provide navigation capabilities to your web application. The control displays navigation items arranged in collapsible groups.

The Menu control allows you to provide navigation options to your end-users. By default, the Menu control has a tree-like structure with root items aligned horizontally and sub-items available in drop-down menus.


The Bootstrap Pager is a standalone control that enables you to implement custom paging algorithms


The Bootstrap Ribbon is a standalone control that allows you to introduce the look, feel and behavior of a ribbon-based UI in your application

Tab Control

The Bootstrap Tab Control provides a visual interface for creating custom tabbed layouts. The Tab Control provides only navigation means and requires manually updating specific content to reflect a selected tab's changes.

Tree View

The Tree View allows you to represent hierarchical data as a tree with collapsible nodes.

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