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ASPxClientSpreadsheetPopupMenuItem Members

Represents an individual item of the Spreadsheet’s context menu.


Name Description
constructor(name, text) Initializes a new instance of the ASPxClientSpreadsheetPopupMenuItem class with specified settings.


Name Description
beginGroup Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the current menu item starts a group.
enabled Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the menu item is enabled, allowing the item to respond to end-user interactions.
imageClassName Gets or sets the CSS class name defining the menu item’s image.
imageUrl Gets or sets the URL of the menu item’s image.
name Gets or sets the unique identifier name for the current menu item.
navigateUrl Gets or sets an URL which defines the navigation location.
parent Gets the immediate parent menu item to which the current menu item belongs.
target Gets or sets the window or frame at which to target the contents of the URL associated with the current menu item.
text Gets or sets the text content of the current menu item.
tooltip Gets or sets the current menu item’s tooltip text.


Name Description
GetItem(index) Returns the menu item’s sub-item with the specified index.
GetItemByName(name) Returns the menu item’s sub-item with the specified property value.
GetItemCount Returns the total number of the menu item’s child items (submenu items).
GetSubItems Gets a collection that contains the submenu items of the current menu item.
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