ASPxClientMassIndex Members

Represents the client-side equivalent of the MassIndex class.


Name Description
axisY Returns the name of the Y-axis that is used to plot the current indicator on a ASPxClientXYDiagram. Inherited from ASPxSeparatePaneIndicator.
chart Gets the chart that owns the current chart element. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartElement.
movingAveragePointsCount Returns the count of points used to calculate the exponential moving average (EMA).
name Gets the name of the chart element. Inherited from ASPxClientWebChartElementNamed.
pane Returns the name of a pane, used to plot the separate pane indicator on an XYDiagram. Inherited from ASPxSeparatePaneIndicator.
series Gets the indicator‘s associated series. Inherited from ASPxClientIndicator.
sumPointsCount Returns the count of summable values.
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