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ASPxClientEditBase.GetValue Method

Returns the editor’s value.


GetValue(): any


Type Description

An object representing the editor’s value.


Use the GetEditValue method to access the value being edited by an editor.

The editor’s edited value can be represented by different data entities, depending upon the editor type. So, for a text editor this method returns a value identical to the text contained with the editor. However, for a check editor it returns ASPxCheckBox.ValueChecked or ASPxCheckBox.ValueUnchecked, depending upon the current editor’s state. The edited value of a list box editor is specified by the ListEditItem.Value property of the currently selected list item. For an ASPxGridLookup, this method returns a value identical to the text contained within the edit box.


The complete sample project is available in the DevExpress Code Central database at E942.

function OnValidationCompleted(s, e) {
                if(e.isValid && Password.GetValue() != ConfirmedPassword.GetValue()) {
                    e.isValid = false;
                } else
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