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ASPxTrackBar Overview

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The ASPxTrackBar control is a slider that provides end-users with fast and easy visual data selection capabilities.


ASPxTrackBar offers the following features:

  • Various Orientation and Direction

    ASPxTrackBar supports two orientation modes that can be specified with the ASPxTrackBar.Orientation property: horizontal and vertical.

    ASPxTrackBar can be displayed in normal or reversed mode. This is controlled by the ASPxTrackBar.Direction property.

    See the Orientation and Direction topic to learn more

  • Single and Range Value Selection Modes

    ASPxTrackBar has the ability to display two drag handles allowing end-users to select a range of values instead of a single value. See the Single and Range Value Selection to learn more.


  • Items Mode Support

    ASPxTrackBar allows you to display custom items instead of automatically generated decimal scale marks. Populate the ASPxTrackBar.Items collection to activate ASPxTrackBar's items display mode.


    See the Items Mode Overview topic to learn more.

  • Full Scale and Layout Customization

    ASPxTrackBar supports full scale customization. You can customize value selection, look-and-feel, scale layout and appearance. See this topic to learn more about all customization possibilities and affected properties: Scale Settings.

  • Value Selection

    End-users can select a value within the ASPxTrackBar by positioning the handle within a range of values limited by a developer (using MinValue and MaxValue). See this topic to learn more about different ways to change a drag handle position: Value Selection.

  • Full-Featured Client-Side API

    ASPxTrackBar provides you with a comprehensive client-side API. This API is implemented using JavaScript and is exposed via the ASPxClientTrackBar object. The ASPxClientTrackBar object serves as a client-side equivalent of the ASPxTrackBar control.

    Client-side API concepts: Client-Side API

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