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Reminders Window Elements

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This topic describes the UI and functionality of the reminders window provided by the Notifications Module. This window is a pop-up dialog, which is automatically invoked each time a notification must be sent to the user.


The reminders window contains the NotificationsObject_DetailView Detail View. You can adjust the layout for this view in the Model Editor.

The Detail View contains a nested List View that displays the notifications list - NotificationsObject_Notifications_ListView. If you click a record in the list, the Detail View of the associated business object (e.g., Event) will be invoked.

Buttons available in the reminders window are Actions supplied by the NotificationsDialogViewController Controller.

Action Description
DismissAll Dismisses all active notifications. This Action is hidden by default. To display it, set the NotificationsModule.ShowDismissAllAction property to true.
Dismiss Dismisses selected notification(s).
Refresh Refreshes the notifications list. This Action is hidden by default. To display it, set the NotificationsModule.ShowRefreshAction property to true.
Snooze Re-schedules the selected notification(s) for the time span chosen in the Remind In lookup.

The Notifications State lookup specifies a filter applied to visible notifications - Active, Postponed or All.

The Snooze time lookup contains predefined time span values that allows the user to easily select the amount of time for the Snooze Action.

If you uncheck the Show Notifications Window checkbox, the Reminders Window will not be displayed automatically. However, the notifications count displayed near the Show Notifications Action will be updated. To manually invoke the Reminders Window, click Show Notifications.


To learn how to localize the reminders window, refer to the Notifications Localization topic.

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