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XPMemberInfo Properties

Serves as a base for classes that provide access to member metadata.
Name Description
Attributes Gets the attributes for this type. Inherited from XPTypeInfo.
CollectionElementType Gets the XPClassInfo of the persistent object if the current member is a collection of these persistent objects.
Converter Gets the value converter.
DisplayName Gets the member’s display name.
IntermediateClass This member supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
IsAggregated Gets whether the member references other aggregated persistent objects.
IsAliased Gets whether a PersistentAliasAttribute attribute is applied to the property.
IsAssociation Gets whether the member sets up the relation.
IsAssociationList Indicates whether the current member represents the “many” side of the association.
IsAutoGenerate Gets whether the member is the auto-generated key.
IsCollection Gets whether the member represents a collection and is involved in associations.
IsDelayed Gets whether the property is marked as delayed.
IsFetchOnly Specifies if the member value can be saved to the database.
IsIdentity Gets whether the member is an auto-generated integer key.
IsKey Gets whether the member represents a key member.
IsManyToMany Gets whether a member is involved in a many-to-many association.
IsManyToManyAlias Indicates whether the ManyToManyAliasAttribute attribute is applied.
IsNonAssociationList Indicates whether the current member represents a collection that is not decorated with AssociationAttribute.
IsNullable Determines if a nullable column should be created when updating the database schema for the persistent class member described by the current XPMemberInfo object.
IsOptimisticLockingIgnored Indicates whether or not optimistic concurrency is ignored for the current member.
IsPersistent Gets whether a class or member of this type is persistent. Inherited from XPTypeInfo.
IsPublic When implemented in a derived class, gets whether the member is declared as public.
IsReadOnly Gets whether the member is read-only.
IsStruct Gets whether the member represents a data structure.
IsVisibleInDesignTime Gets whether a property or class is visible at design time. Inherited from XPTypeInfo.
ManyToManyRelatedProperty Obsolete. Gets the metadata information of the persistent field or property which represents the opposite side of a many-to-many association.
MappingField Gets the column’s name in the data store which the member’s value is stored in.
MappingFieldDBType Gets the MappingField‘s data type.
MappingFieldDBTypeName Gets the MappingField‘s SQL type name.
MappingFieldSize Gets the maximum number of characters that can be stored in a field which the member is mapped to.
MemberType When implemented in a derived class, gets the member’s type.
MergeCollisionBehavior Gets a value that indicates the behavior when merging changed objects (objects with different versions).
Name When implemented in a derived class, gets the member’s name.
Owner Gets the XPClassInfo object which owns this XPMemberInfo object.
ReferenceType Gets the XPClassInfo of the referenced object if the member is a reference to another persistent object.
StorageType Gets the type that the member’s value is saved as in the data store.
SubMembers Gets a collection of sub members.
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