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AccessConnectionProvider Fields

Implements data-aware operations for working with MS Access databases.
Name Description
DefaultCommandTimeout Specifies the timeout value passed to the IDbCommand.CommandTimeout property of each created command, in seconds. Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
EnableConnectionStringArgumentEscaping static Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
GlobalDefaultCommandTimeout static Specifies the timeout value passed to the IDbCommand.CommandTimeout property, in seconds. Can be overridden by the ConnectionProviderSql.DefaultCommandTimeout field. The default is 300. Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
GlobalQueryParameterMode static Specifies how connection providers initialize command parameters. Use the QueryParameterMode property to change this setting for a specific connection provider. Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
GlobalUseLegacyUntypedParameters static This property is now obsolete. Use GlobalQueryParameterMode instead. Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
IdentityColumnMagicName static Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
MaxDeadLockRetryDelayMilliseconds static Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
MaxDeadLockTryCount static Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
MaximumStringSize This member supports the internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
QueryParameterMode Specifies how a connection provider initializes command parameters. Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
SortColumnsAlphabetically static Specifies how to order columns retrieved via the GetStorageTables and OleDBConnectionProvider.GetTableSchema methods. By default, this field is set to true, and the columns are listed alphabetically. If the field is set to false, the columns are returned as they appear in the database. Inherited from OleDBConnectionProvider.
UseLegacyTimeSpanSupport static Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
UseLegacyUntypedParameters This property is now obsolete. Use QueryParameterMode instead. Inherited from ConnectionProviderSql.
XpoProviderTypeParameterName static Returns a parameter name used to denote a provider type in a connection string. The default value is “XpoProvider”. Inherited from DataStoreBase.
XpoProviderTypeString Gets the name of the current connection provider. This name is used internally when generating a connection string via the AccessConnectionProvider.GetConnectionString method.
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