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Use XPO to Transfer or Synchronize Data Between Databases

Copy an Entire Database or Table

We recommend that you use built-in features of a particular database server to transfer (copy, clone, replicate, synchronize, or backup) data between database instances. These tasks should always be performed by database administrators, not users.

Example: SQL Server Replication

Copy a Small Bunch of Database Table Records

You can use XPO to transfer small amounts of data, like individual records. Use the solution described in the following example: How to clone a persistent object.

Note that this solution consumes large amounts of memory and is not recommended for transferring large amounts of data at a time.

Do not use XPO to transfer entire databases or tables with large amounts of data because of a large memory footprint and less efficiency compared to native RDBMS solutions.


For XAF Users

Consider using the Clone Object (Copy Data Records) module. This module features attributes that control which classes and members are cloneable and exposes a set of events and virtual methods that control the cloning procedure at the low level.