Since TestCafe Studio can be used on different operating systems, it is distributed as an installation file for MacOS and Windows, and a separate ZIP file for Linux.

Follow the instructions below to install TestCafe Studio.


  1. Download the MacOS installation file and double-click it to expand its contents.
  2. Drag the TestCafe Studio application to the Applications folder.

    Install TestCafe Studio on Mac

    After that, TestCafe Studio is available in the Launchpad.


  1. Download the Windows installation file and run it. The installation wizard starts and displays the license agreement.
  2. Click I Agree if you accept the terms of the agreement.
  3. On the next page, specify which users the software is available to and click Install. TestCafe Studio is installed in Program Files\DevExpress\TestCafe Studio.

    After installation is completed, the installer creates the TestCafe Studio shortcuts in the startup menu and desktop.

    Install TestCafe Studio on Windows


  1. Download the TestCafe Studio archive.
  2. Unzip the archive's contents to a directory where you wish to store TestCafe Studio program files. Note that this is not a temporary folder - no further installation or unpacking is required.
  3. Run the testcafe-studio file to open TestCafe Studio.

    Install TestCafe Studio on Linux