Specify Timeouts

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This document describes how to specify the timeout settings of the Report and Dashboard Server and End-User Report Designer.

Report and Dashboard Server Timeout

The default execution timeout for the Report and Dashboard Server is set to 120 seconds. To change this value, specify the executionTimeout option in the web.config file of the Report and Dashboard Server web part, located at the directory where you installed the Report and Dashboard Server (“C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress\Report Server\Web” by default). This value is measured in seconds.

<httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" executionTimeout="240"/>

To specify the idle timeout, in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, switch to the Application Pools section and right-click the DevExpress.ReportServer.WorkerAppPool item. In the invoked menu, select the Advanced Settings… command.


In the invoked Advanced Settings dialog, specify the Idle Time-out (minutes) property.


To learn more about using this option, refer to the following topic in the Windows documentation: Configure Idle Time-out Settings for an Application Pool.

Report Designer Timeout

To customize the timeout settings of a Report Designer, modify the DevExpress.ReportDesigner.v21.1.exe.config file located at the directory where you installed the Report Designer (“C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress\Report Server End-User Designer” by default). In this file, locate the following configurations.

  • <binding name=”ReportServerFacade_UserAuthentication” …>
  • <binding name=”ReportServerFacade_UserAuthentication_SSL” …>

In these configurations, specify the receiveTimeout option, as illustrated in the following example.

<binding name="ReportServerFacade_UserAuthentication" 
<binding name="ReportServerFacade_UserAuthentication_SSL" 

When these values are not specified, the default timeout is set to one minute.