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Differences between Report and Dashboard Server, BI Dashboard and Reporting Controls

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This topic describes the key differences between the Report and Dashboard Server, Business Intelligence Dashboard, and DevExpress Reporting products.

Product Difference

The following information will help you decide which product to select for your business:

Report and Dashboard Server
The Enterprise-ready web-based ASP.NET MVC application with straightforward setup, intuitive administration, and comprehensive report distribution options within its user interface. This product is suitable for IT departments to reduce the cost of integrating a self-service BI, and app developers who can use the server as a ready-to-use backend for their app.
.NET Reporting for .NET
A set of components for application developers that currently supports .NET 6. Use these components to create your own reporting application. DevExpress Reports ship with an intuitive Visual Studio report designer, runtime report designers for WinForms/WPF/Web, and a rich set of report controls, including cross tabs and charts so you and your users can create reports of unmatched elegance and clarity.
Business Intelligence Dashboard for .NET
A set of components for application developers. Use these components to create your own BI Dashboard application. Embed fully-configurable dashboards into WinForms, WPF, Blazor, Web Forms, ASP.NET Core, Angular, React, and Vue apps. Currently supports .NET 6.

The following table gives a breakdown of features available in these products:

Feature Report and Dashboard Server Reporting & BI Dashboard
Document Viewer Yes[1] Yes
Report Designer Yes[1] Yes
Report Storage Yes yes-need-code
Dashboard Designer Yes Yes
Dashboard Viewer Yes Yes
Revision History Yes No
User / Role Management Yes yes-need-code
Permissions Management
(administer, create, and view dashboard and reports)
Yes yes-need-code
Task Scheduling Yes yes-need-code
Localization Yes yes-need-code
Customization No yes-need-code
Source Code No Yes
  • Yes - Available out-of-the-box
  • yes-need-code - Supported, but requires writing code
  • No - Unavailable/unsupported

Difference in Licensing

The following fees are payable for the Reporting, Business Intelligence Dashboard, and Report and Dashboard Server products:

Fee Report and Dashboard Server Reporting & BI Dashboard
Subscription Fee Yes Yes
Per-Server License Fee Yes No
Per-Developer License Fee No Yes

The Report and Dashboard Server subscription includes 15 Client Access Licenses[2] (CALs) that you can use to deploy the product. Additional CALs are available in bundles of 5.

See the following topic for details: License and Distribution.

Difference in Subscriptions

The following table shows the difference between the Reporting, Business Intelligence Dashboard, and Report and Dashboard Server product subscriptions:

Product Subscription
Report and Dashboard Server Report & Dashboard Server subscription with 15 CALs
Reporting Universal, DXperience, Reporting, and platform subscriptions
BI Dashboard Universal
  1. Requires Per-Server License for each user. See the Licensing section.

  2. A Client Access License (or a CAL) is the right to have an individual account in the Report and Dashboard Server.